Complete Rewire



These cool cars have been given a complete rewire.





Complete rewire of this nice 1954 Ford F-100.



This is Mike's 64 Convertible Falcon Futura. It sports a 347 Blown Stroker & AOD. I put a complete new harness in the car with relays to control the water pump, fan, horn, door locks, ignition cut out, fuel pump and more.

Truly beautiful car, loaded ready for dilivery.



This 1970 Chevelle belonged to Greg Hazlett. The Wiring Wizard is standing if front of his first TOTAL rewire.

This is a sweet 68 Buick GS that got a TOTAL rewire.

These pics don't do this car justice. She is so cool!

Here is what she looks like NOW!!

Quite Nice!


This Nice El Camino got a complete rewire complete with an SS Dash.


This 40 Chevy was fun to wire. The customer put a 350-350 combo in her with a ford 9". I wired her for Power Windows,

Power seats, Power door locks, Remote door openers, Remote trunk latch, remote gas latch, power radio antenna.


The customer was so pleased when he picked her up. I washed and waxed her before she left.


This is the overall condition when the car came in. I cleaned years of dust and grime from her.


The driver came back and asked, "Got any cards?" He also liked the wiring job.


This cute little guy got a complete rewire.

Nice 67 Charger got a total rewire.

The owner provided the harness and I had to completely remake it to custom fit the car.

Did a total rewire on this 64 Ranchero.


This nice charger got a complete rewire.


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