Electrical Repairs



Here we have cool cars which we have made some type of repair on.


Ignition repair...



1970 Camero - Shorted brake light in steering column and turn signal repair.

Real nice work on putting this car together. Kudos to the builder...


Jon standing by his 63. We fixed a problem in the turn signals and the brake lights.

He was so happy to have them repaired as he and his band is to start a US tour the next day.

The band is going to take the 63 Wagon across the US, all the way to New York!

The Wiring Wizard bids Jon a bon fairwell and a safe trip while on tour!


Starting issue, or signal light , or break lights ? I forget




Tail lights, Break lights and trailer wiring repair.


Minor repairs underhood.


This is Larry's 69 Chevelle. We wired up the front end and engine on this one.


This is Tony and his cute doggy. He has a 94 GMC Suburban that many places have tried to figure out why his brake lights keep blowing the fuse. The guys from Marlo's Frame & Alignment sent him to us. Thanks Guys! We found the short in the trailer hitch socket in a matter of minutes, repaired it and sent him and his puppy down the road of happiness!


Scott needed his turn signals repaired. He installed a new switch but they still didn't work. I finally found a failed fuse block connection. I installed a new fuse holder to get them working.


Here is a nice 64 Impala owned by Claudio. He needed a new turn signal switch installed.


This nice 63 Convertible belongs to Michael Woolson. He needed various repairs, generator light didn't work, windshield wipers didn't work, Heater motor didn't run, and so on.


On his return trip with us he wanted his Sprint tachometer wired up.



This customer told me that the battery would only last a couple of days before it went dead. I found a 6 Volt resistor block powered at all times. I installed a relay and the battery has yet to go dead.


Jim's 34 needed turn signal, brake light, steering column, indicator wiring and more.

All in all she needed a bunch of under-dash wiring.

Yes, She has a nicely built 289 - C-4 Combo. Imagine that, a 34 Ford with a Ford running train. (Novel thought)


This nice car needed the remote door openers repaired.

A real show stopper!


Tom's 1950 Shoebox needed turn signal repaired. It had a big short circuit. I repaired the brake lights also.


Tom also has a real nice 36 Cabriolet. Shortly after Tom came to have his car worked on he moved to Tennessee.

Tom, we all miss you very much!


Many many repairs.


Rick needed some help with his Dakota Digital Gages.

The Paint on this car is something to be seen!! "So Nice"


Vic needed the Dome light repaired.

One sweet Nomad.


Finish wiring


Headlights and breaks.



This is Ken's 31. I did some Harness repairs and rebuilt his Quadro-jet. This is one nice car!

I really would like to have a car like this one.


This nice little pony car needed the cowl signal lights wired.

Beautiful detail, Look closely. This engine compartment is clean.

Right turn signal on...

Turn signal repairs.

Final wiring and trouble shooting of an owner installed harness.

Brake light repairs.


Minor repairs.

Headlight issues.






Turn signal repairs.


Minor repairs to the turn signals and break lights.



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