Here are some cool cars we have done Installs of some kind..

63 Round Body Falcon - Back-up light instillation.


Driving lights in lower ground effects wired.

Final wiring and hookup.


Here is Vic's 54. I converted it from 6 Volt to 12 Volt.


Willy wanted a new fan installed with an over-ride switch.

Willy has a vary nice Mustang!


Sue needed a new fuse box. The one that was in the car was so rusted... I also finished hooking up the turn signal regulator, neutral safety switch and the backup lights and brake lights.


This 63 Ranchero got a generator to alternator conversion and his headlights were flashing on and off.


Here I am rewiring the engine compartment of this 69 Pontac Firebird and installing some new relays for High Power headlights as well as a new fuse block.


This nice 67 Convertible belongs to John Gabledon. He needed his fog lights rewired. Look real hard and you will see the Wiring Wizards Apprentice (Greg) with his head under dash taking care of the finishing touches.

A happy Wiring Wizard shmoozing with the customer of that nice 67 Mustang.


This is Faith's 32 Hi Boy. We made a few repairs for her.

You can see more pictures of her car at her site;





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