Other Repairs



Here are some cool cars we have done other than electrical work on... Motor swaps, Carb rebuilds Etc...


Alternator Bracket Fabrication.


This 23 needed the try-power carb setup celebrated and it also had an oil leak at the back of the intake manifold. That was fixed along with a complete valve train adjustment. (solid lifters)


Vic needed the Holly Carb rebuilt. "Mrs. Wiring Wizard wanted this car!"



Kevin returned and wanted an engine transplant. We took his tired 260 out and installed a new Ford Motor sports 302 Crate motor. We installed an F-303 F.M.S. Roller Cam, Eddelbrock RPM heads, intake manifold, carb and fuel pump. It has a nice C-4 Tranny and an 8" rear-end.

Here you see "The Wizard's Apprentice" preparing to pull the old motor.

Here is the finished install!


64 Impala owned by Claudio

He wanted us to adjust the lifters as they were a bit noisy.


We did some repairs on Billy's 29 "A" Chopped & Channeled Pick-up.




2002 Off Road Golf Cart. Headlights, tail lights, running lights and an "Aoooga" horn.




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