Roger Peterson



Roger Peterson's 1937 Ford Hump-Back.

The first day he drove the car, Roger was so happy this day he had us all crying...

The motor is from JGR (Jim Grubs Racing) It is a 351 Winzer EFI.


This engine is a MAF Sequentially fired Fuel Injection. Blocked off EGR.

Started out with a Ron Francis Harness and interfaced it to the 1990 ford ECU. It once had a piggy-back computer but it became problematic so we removed it.

The car has Power Windows, Power Door locks and shaved door handles.

It has an I-Did-It steering column and a full complement of guages.

Headlights, Wipers and Air-Ride controls.

All leather interior, Grey on grey...



A Very nice build, and I am glad I was part of it.

Roger, Nina, And Michael... Thank you very much for this opportunity.


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