This is the 1956 Skyliner that we did a repair on the top control

These car tops are very complex with their vast number of control relays and limit switches. Plus all the screw drive racks and motors.

Customers complaint was that the top would not complete a cycle to open the top, put it into the trunk and then close the trunk. I checked all the relays and limit switches for good connections and overall condition. That all looked good. I then began to focus on the screw drives.

I re-greased all the screw drive assemblies and in the reassembly of the rear drivers side deck lid I found the problem. It had been clocked wrong. 

The system works perfectly and the customer was so happy, telling me he had taken the car to so many places trying to get it fixed. He was a little in disbelief when I called him, after working on the car for only 2-1/2 hours, telling him he could cone get his car and that is was all fixed.

  You can see the gear drive unit was clocked incorrectly when reassembled after someone serviced the unit.

Close up shot of the gear drive unit. You can see the interference between the window chrome and the drive cable housing.

Picture of the re-clocked gear drive unit. No more interference.

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